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FAQ About Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul

Setting sail on a Bosphorus Cruise is an unforgettable experience and allows visitors to witness the splendor of Istanbul from the unique vantage point of its legendary waterway.

On this page, we have answered frequently asked questions about the captivating Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul, which seamlessly intertwines history, culture, and natural beauty. In this FAQ section, you will find answers to common inquiries about Bosphorus Cruises as well as questions regarding ticket options such as Istanbul Pass and Istanbul combo tickets.

General Questions about Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul

What is a Bosphorus cruise Istanbul?

The Bosphorus cruise tour luxurious and entertaining way to experience Istanbul's beauty and culture. It allows you to explore the dazzling beauty and landmarks of Istanbul from the sea.

How much is Bosphorus cruise?

A classic Bosphorus cruise starts from 12 euros. Prices vary depending on dinner and sunset options. >> Check All Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul Prices Here

Where does the Bosphorus cruise leave from?

Most Bosphorus cruises depart from the Kabataş pier, which is located in the heart of Istanbul. Other popular departure points are located in the Karaköy and Besiktas neighborhoods. All three locations are easy accessible by public transportation. Cruises typically return to the same location they departed from.

How long is the Bosphorus cruise in Istanbul?

A classic Bosphorus cruise lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Why is Bosphorus cruise famous?

The Bosphorus cruise is famous for its breathtaking views of Istanbul's landmarks and scenic beauty from the water. It offers a unique perspective of the city's iconic sites, making it a must-do activity for visitors seeking an unforgettable experience in Istanbul.

What do you see on Bosphorus cruise?

Many of Istanbul's iconic historical landmarks can be seen from the Bosphorus cruises, including the Dolmabahce Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Maiden's Tower, Galata Tower, Ortakoy Mosque, Rumeli Fortress, and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. >> More Information About Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul

Where do Bosphorus cruise start?

Boarding points of Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul: Bosphorus sightseeing cruises depart from various boarding points depending on the ticket chosen, including Kabataş Pier, Dentur Avrasya Kabataş, BUDO Eminonu Pier, and Bosphorus Pier outside Dolmabahce Palace. But you can check the ticket details which you buy.

What time does the Bosphorus cruise start?

Short Circle Bosphorus Cruise- from 10.30 am to 16.00. 

How to see the Bosphorus in Istanbul?

The Bosphorus is set among the hills of Istanbul and has marvelous architecture and history surrounding it. The best way to see it is via boat ride.  >> Buy Your Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul Ticket Now!

Is it better to cruise the Bosphorus at night or day?

The morning offers tranquility, a chance to savor the city awakening, and the soft beauty of dawn. On the other hand, the evening cruise provides a more dramatic and vibrant atmosphere, with the city aglow in the warm embrace of the setting sun.

Questions About Istanbul City Pass & Combo Tickets

What are the different types of Bosphorus cruises?

There are many Bosphorus cruise options to choose from. You can opt for sightseeing cruises, dining cruises, private yacht tours. You can also save by purchasing combo tickets and combine your experience with another landmark of Istanbul.

What is the cancellation policy for Bosphorus cruise tickets?

Depending on the experience chosen, you may be able to cancel your booking 24 hours in advance and get a refund. However, not all cruises allow cancellation. We recommend that you check the cancellation policy when booking.

What is the difference between Istanbul card and city card?

Unlike the Istanbulkart, which caters to both locals and long-term visitors, the Istanbul City Card is exclusively designed for tourists, making it the ideal choice for visitors looking to explore Istanbul's iconic attractions.   >> Buy a City Card Online

What is Istanbul City card?

Istanbul City Card: It is a type of Istanbulcard with unlimited use for 1-3-5-7 and 15 days for tourists coming to Istanbul. >> More Information About City Card

How to get Istanbul card for tourists?

All foreigners who are legal in Turkey and have an ID number can obtain an Istanbul card from kiosks selling Istanbul cards or from Istanbul card filling machines located in various regions of Istanbul. >> Buy Istanbul Card Here

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All Ticket Options for Bosphorus Cruise Istanbul

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise with Audio Guide

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise with Audio Guide

5 (2K)

"Very good boat trip at a very reasonable price. The process of booking online was very easy and (...) The boat was impressive and for the price the overall experience cannot be faulted." Karen, Apr. 2024, Usa [Source: Headout]

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€ 12


Bosphorus Luxury Yacht Daytime or Sunset Cruise

Bosphorus Luxury Yacht Daytime or Sunset Cruise

4.5 (3,9K)

"Beautiful ship, spacious, comfortable and impeccably clean. Helpful on and off board staff. Knowledgeable guide. Very good experience :)" Marie, Apr. 2024, Spain [Source: Headout]

Best offer
€ 35


2-Hour Bosphorus Luxury Private Yacht Rental in Istanbul

2-Hour Bosphorus Luxury Private Yacht Rental in Istanbul

4.2 (94)

"The guys who managed the private cruise were just awesome. They answered all the questions from the get go(...) Loved their warmth towards us. Highly recommended!" Raja, Nov. 2023, South Asia [Source: Headout]

Best offer
€ 380


Best Dinner Cruise Ticket Option

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Istanbul Homepage

Best Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Tickets

Book Tickets for a Dinner Cruise along the Bosphorus 2024 Prices. Live Entertainment , Turkish Night Show , Private Yacht Tour, 3-course Turkish dinner

Price From
€ 28

Istanbul Pass & Combo Tickets

Istanbul Top Museums 3-Day Pass: Guided Tour with Entry Tickets

Istanbul Top Museums 3-Day Pass: Guided Tour with Entry Tickets

4.5 (245)

"Everything was great, very well organized, the guides were fantastic... only one drawback, it's a pity that there are no guides who speak Spanish. 100% recommendable" Ignacio, Dec. 2023, Spain [Source: Headout]

Best offer
€ 149


Combo: Dolmabahce Palace Guided Tour + Bosphorus Cruise Tickets

Combo: Dolmabahce Palace + Bosphorus Cruise Tickets

4.5 (65)

"The punctuality and kindness of the guide, willing to answer all our questions. It was very easy to find the meeting points and the explanations were complete and correct." Maria, Sep. 2023, Ireland [Source: Headout]

Best offer
€ 57


Combo: Basilica Cistern Skip-the-Line Tickets with Audio Guide + Bosphorus Daytime or Sunset Cruise

Combo: Basilica Cistern Skip-the-Line Tickets with Audio Guide + Bosphorus Daytime or Sunset Cruise

5 (2,6K)

"Skipping the line saved us at least 90 minutes. Awesome and worth the little extra cost as opposed to paying on the day. The Cistern is incredible and definitely worth a visit (...)" George, Sep. 2023, England [Source: Headout]

Best offer
€ 41.50


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